Join The Waitlist For Assemble!
👋 Hey there! Thanks for checking out Assemble. The weekend of August 5th 2022 was magical. Its spirit now lives on in high school hackathons around the world, join them here.
This summer, we’re going to return in-person high-school hackathons to San Francisco. Our goal is to kick off a new renaissance.

We invite you to come out and join us. Not through Zoom or Discord, but IRL out in the Bay Area from August 5th 6:00pm to August 7th 12:00pm. We’ll be hosted at the fantastic Figma HQ on Market Street in the heart of San Francisco.

Over the weekend, you’ll explore the Bay Area during your free time, hack with co-conspirators and experience the energy of being in-person again. Together, we’ll Assemble to form the first IRL high school hackathon on this side of the pandemic.

We're so excited to meet you at Assemble this summer. Please fill out the registration form below to help us make the event magical for you. Feel free to contact for help!
Basic Details
At Assemble, attendees will have an opportunity to host their own informal workshops! You bring a passion and we'll provide a room with participants. These questions are not a commitment! You can choose to change your topic or not present at any time.
Now for a bit of fun!